How to Find a Good Title Agent

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The home buying process should be a joyful one. The last thing anyone wants to worry about as they are closing their purchase is whether or not they have a true legal claim to the property.

It may seem like a trivial concern; however, some estimates have claimed that 30% of all land titles have defects. This is what makes it serious task to identify a good title agent and insurance company.

For the unacquainted, a property’s title is the legal right someone has to own that property; this can be traced to show the entire length of ownership history. These historical records are generally kept with local governments. A title that’s considered to be “clean” is one in which its entire history is available without known issues.

A good title agent will efficiently navigate this legal landscape for you, ensuring that you WILL have a clean title and WON’T have any questions that arise months or years down the road. Good title agents are also generally available to help you purchase the right title insurance policy for your home.

Since title agents will need to communicate with a variety of individuals and teams involved in the home buying process, such as lenders, sellers, real estate agents, and you as a buyer, it is important that your title agent has a reputable history in the field. His or her ability to network and communicate efficiently with these people is imperative.

In 2020, much of the communication process has been transferred to more modern, cloud-based technologies. This provides quicker and safer communication between relevant parties.

Some title agents also manage your funds during the home buying process. While not every title agent is on the cutting edge in terms of technology, those who refuse to catch up may not only be delaying the home buying process, they also be jeopardizing your interests.

This is all to say that you want to find a title agent that makes the process efficient and provides you with adequate support and communication.

Do your due diligence and read the reviews of various title agents, and/or title companies. Make sure they have become reputable within their industry. Review their websites, too; this could provide a glimpse into their comfort level with recent real estate tech innovations.

In all likelihood, your real estate agent or lender will have title agents that they recommend to you. Nonetheless, by asking questions and conducting your own independent review, you’re increasing the changes that the title agent you choose is well-versed in the home buying process.

At the end of the day, a home is one of the largest purchases most people ever make. For help with buying your next home, contact one of the specialists at Plymouth Title Guaranty Corporation.