Existing Home Sales Achieved Their Best Year Since 2006 plymouth title guaranty corporation

Existing Home Sales Achieved Their Best Year Since 2006

After a strong performance towards the end of 2021, existing home sales experienced an unanticipated decline in December. Thus, home sales fell 5% from November to December 2021. However, the United States real estate market realized a massive 8.5% improvement over 2020. In doing so, existing home sales achieved their best year since 2006. Drop […]

Mortgage Rates Turn Volatile in 2022 Housing Market

Mortgage Rates Turn Volatile in 2022 Housing Market

After years of record-low figures, mortgage rates turn volatile as we progress into 2022. With the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, mortgage rates plummeted alongside the global economic uncertainty. However, last year, the United States generated a much faster than anticipated economic rebound. In fact, 2021 home sales achieved their best year on record […]

home buyers face strong barriers housing sector plymouth title guaranty corporation

Home Buyers Face Strong Barriers in the Housing Sector

In the United States housing sector, home buyers face strong barriers heading into 2022. While December 2021 saw major FHFA changes, housing starts and home sales remain competitive. Home Buyers Face Strong Barriers to Entry in Housing Inventory In 2022, home buyers face strong barriers in the real estate market. The first major barrier stems […]

housing starts fall short plymouth title guaranty corporation featured

Housing Starts Fall Short & Spending Skyrockets to End the Year

The end of the year saw housing starts fall short of expectations. Meanwhile, consumer spending skyrocketed heading into the holiday season. After November surpassed October’s 30-year inflation high, the Fed planned to expedite its timeline for tapering bond purchasing. Finally, analysts expect to see plenty of volatility in mortgage markets towards the end of December […]

demand for second homes plymouth title guaranty corporation

Demand for Second Homes: What’s Really Causing the Rise?

With 2021’s low interest rates, real estate analysts noticed a surprising trend: demand for second homes. In today’s competitive real estate market, buying one home can be challenging enough. This is especially true in the era of COVID-19. However, analysts did not originally predict current homeowners to lead the charge on purchasing that second property. […]

new home sales jump plymouth title guaranty corporation

New Home Sales Jump Alongside Rising Valuations This Year

As the holiday season approaches, investors saw new home sales jump. Additionally, home values rose this year. Many factors play a role in the increase, particularly limited inventory and inflation. Currently, investors worry about future economic growth. This past month, the United States witnessed record-high inflation, supply chain struggles, and job growth struggles. New Home […]

properties with liens plymouth title guaranty corporation

Properties with Liens: Steps You Need to Take

Properties with liens present unique challenges for all of those involved. Liens are legal notices that are attached to a property’s title. This occurs when a creditor is unable to collect unpaid debts from a homeowner. Unfortunately, when a home has a lien on it, it can be difficult to sell, and, in some cases, […]

lifted eviction moratorium plymouth title guaranty corporation

Lifted Eviction Moratorium Had Stunning Impact on Mortgage Markets

Last month, the US Supreme Court pass a vote, which lifted the eviction moratorium. Previously, the Biden administration expanded the eviction moratorium. The moratorium blocked many landlords across the country from evicting tenants for COVID-related financial hardships. With that moratorium expiring, it left a large impact on the renters and landlords of the country. This […]