Mortgage Rates Turn Volatile in 2022 Housing Market

Mortgage Rates Turn Volatile in 2022 Housing Market

After years of record-low figures, mortgage rates turn volatile as we progress into 2022. With the onset of the novel coronavirus pandemic, mortgage rates plummeted alongside the global economic uncertainty. However, last year, the United States generated a much faster than anticipated economic rebound.

In fact, 2021 home sales achieved their best year on record since 2006. One month into 2022, analysts already predict higher mortgage rates before the end of the year.

Mortgage Rates Turn Volatile

Mortgage rates won’t turn volatile overnight. On the face of it, mortgage rates appear typical. They face fluctuation in the day-today as they always have. Having said that, behind those fluctuations and relative stability lies multiple major swings.

In a quote from’s Chief Economist Danielle Hale, she said, “The apparent stability in weekly rates averages out some bigger day-to-day swings in both mortgage and other long-term rates, so home shoppers should be prepared for a bit less calm than the weekly data suggest.”

Mortgage Rates Jump to Two-Year High

In the first major piece of evidence for mortgage rates turning volatile, they saw a massive fluctuation in just a 24-hour period. After dropping to their lowest levels in over a week, mortgage rates skyrocketed to their highest point in two years.

Two major factors contribute to huge swing. First, the United States, Russia, and Ukraine continue to face tensions, which impact global economic markets. Secondly, news of mortgage rates increasing has spread for well over a month. As prospective home buyers continue to feel mounting pressure to “act now”, the demand for homes increases. Thus, mortgage rates rise with the improving real estate market.

Mortgage Rates Continue Volatile Turn Throughout 2022

As we look ahead to the rest of 2022, many analysts speculate that mortgage rates face mounting pressure to rise. Some groups, such as the Mortgage Bankers Association, anticipate a rise up to 4% in the first quarter alone.

Despite this news, current home buyers still have plenty of opportunity to make their move and lock themselves into a lower rate in the new year. For questions as mortgage rates turn volatile, get in touch with one of the title and escrow specialists at Plymouth Title Guaranty Corporation.

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