delta variant spurred startling mortgage rate plummet plymouth title guaranty corporation

Delta Variant Spurred Startling Mortgage Rate Plummet

The Delta variant spurred a startling mortgage rate plummet as of late. Mortgage rates declined as a result of the increasing economic uncertainties. Analysts attribute the uncertainty to the COVID-19 Delta variant and its mutations. As a results, the average 30-year loan rate fell to a five-month record. Freddie Mac Shows How Delta Variant Spurred […]


April 2021 Market Updates

Recent reports have continued to show reasons for positivity related to the economy in job growth and inflation, but many investors continue to worry about the long-term effects leading into the rest of the year. Mortgage Rates Continue to Rise Mortgage rates have been on an upward path this year and stronger-than-expected economic data has […]

Market Update March

March 2021 Market Updates

Market Update: Stimulus Aid, Increased Mortgage Rates, and Continued Growth in the Housing Markets With more information and reports released, we can learn more about how the economy is continuing to move during a hectic start to 2021. Inflation Remains Low; Investors Wary of a Late 2021 Spike While current inflation levels remain low, investors […]

Feb Market Update

February 2021 Market Updates

Market Update: Stimulus Packages, Mortgage Rates, and Unemployment Reports With constant change and uncertainty surrounding much of 2021 from the ongoing pandemic, potential COVID stimulus, and volatile mortgage rates, the latest reports share their positives and negatives. Update on Mortgage Rates and the Housing Market The Democratic sweep in the Georgia Senate runoff election was […]

January 2021 market updates plymouth title guaranty corporation

January 2021 Market Updates

The end of 2020 was an eventful one for the economy and its potential rebound after the pandemic. Vaccinations began to roll out, the holiday season showing positive signs, and the U.S. market continued its growth. Late 2020 Job Gains Fall Short of Expectations While the rebound from unprecedented job losses caused by the partial […]

Plymouth Title Guaranty Corporation July 2020 Market Updates

July 2020 Market Updates

With states easing restrictions on the economic shutdown, job gains and consumer activity have surged. The Fed has added to that further news regarding their activity in the treasury and mortgage markets. Although May and early June saw much economic growth, only time will tell how sustainable that is given the current social, political, and […]

Plymouth Title Guaranty Corporation June 2020 Market Updates

June 2020 Market Updates

With GDP growth falling 4.8% in the first quarter of the year, consumer spending dropping to record lows, and unemployment nearing all-time highs, there is a major focus on the economic recovery. As states and counties prepare to reopen, here is what you need to know about the state of the overall economy. The Fed […]

Plymouth Title Guaranty Corporation Special Report Coronavirus Mortgage Rates

Special Report: Coronavirus and Mortgage Rates

This past month saw a tremendous increase of attention given to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump declared the pandemic a national emergency with plans to increase testing and shut down travel to Europe. Schools, restaurants, bars, sporting events, and other nonessential businesses are closing down for the time being. Across the country, Americans are […]