October 2023 Housing Market: Declining Inventory and Home Builder Sentiment

The October 2023 Housing Market in the U.S. presented a complex landscape of high mortgage rates intertwined with a fluctuating economy, creating a scenario of contradictions. While there was a slight uptick in single-family housing starts and permits, indicating a possibility for future construction expansion, the overall market dynamics continued to exhibit inconsistency. Housing Inventory […]

Understanding Mortgage Rate Trends for 2024: An In-depth Analysis

Mortgage rates, the pivotal factor in home-buying decisions, have witnessed a turbulent journey over the past years. As we enter into a phase of economic recalibration, forecasting the trajectory of mortgage rates in 2024 becomes crucial for stakeholders in the real estate market. With comprehensive market insights and analysis, let’s delve into the expectations and […]

Understanding Climate Risk: Why Mortgage Lenders Prioritize Its Impact

Climate change is causing significant disruptions to natural disasters and weather patterns worldwide, prompting mortgage lenders to acknowledge the implications of emerging threats on the American real estate market. This article explores the reasons why mortgage lenders are closely examining climate risk and its effects on the industry. Defining Climate Risk in Mortgage Lending In […]

Falling Mortgage Rates: Impact on New Home Buyers

Despite a seemingly endless upward trajectory, recent data finally points to falling mortgage rates. Mortgage rates, on a consistent rise over the past year, fell to 6.61%. Thus, mortgage rates decreased nearly half a percentage point since last week. Furthermore, 15-year mortgage rates dropped to 5.98%, nearly half a point drop but still way higher […]